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21-Dec-2016 19:04

And Piper tends to be very self serving, which you’re going to learn throughout the series.Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman is taking the next big step in her relationship with Alex Vause. But that scene in particular that you’re referring to in the library, she’s just struggling with a lot of personal things. AE: Is it safe to say that Piper’s still very much in her heart? When Piper ended things with her ten years ago, she ruined her. And Alex isn’t used to having something like that happen to her.Because I definitely feel like there’s still something going on there, at least on her side of things. Piper really did a number on her and anybody can relate to heartbreak. AE: For people that haven’t gotten too far in the series, is that relationship confronted again head on as far as the romance or the love? LP: Imagine this person you used to be in love with…in terms of Piper, she was in love with Alex, but then Alex’s lifestyle she couldn’t handle so she dumped her.“I see the importance of visibility and think that it can be corrosive to be hidden, but I don’t think anybody ‘owes’ anything,” Brownstein explained. Do you think Taylor Schilling and Carrie Brownstein would make a cute couple?“I think that kind of terminology is dangerous – this ‘owing.’ I think we need to change the conversation from ‘Do you owe me this? Let us know your take in the comments section below!There's a baked-in level of fear and insecurity.' Here she is seen in Los Angeles in January with Orange Is The New Black supporting actress, Uzo Aduba Taylor received critical acclaim for portraying Piper for which she won the 2013 Satellite Award for Best Actress in a Television Series, and was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama and the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 2014.Whether it’s the jet black hair, the tattoos, being stuck in a dryer or showering up on-screen with co-star Taylor Schilling, you’re likely not to look at actress Laura Prepon the same after you’ve seen the first season of on Netflix.

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The two faced relationship reports last summer but were also relatively private. “I definitely see every possibility of what could go horribly wrong! But what about the actresses who portray Piper and Alex?