Tire dating system

18-Dec-2016 11:44

The numbers and letters identify dimensions and performance standards that allow you to compare tires more accurately and efficiently.

This diagram will help you to understand those numbers and letters.

For assistance in selecting a replacement tire, always consult your Toyo Tires dealer.

The load index is an assigned number that corresponds with the load-carrying capacity of the tire.

For example, "96" indicates a load-carrying capacity of 1565 lb. The load index for most passenger car tires ranges from 75-100.

To find your tires age you need to find the DOT Date Code on the tire. Look for 4 numbers together, often enclosed in a raised oval.

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As a precaution, the Department of Transportation recommends changing even new-looking tires once they hit 10 years old, and many manufacturers recommend swapping them out at six years old.While it is not uncommon for it to take several months, and sometimes even up to a year for tires to be shipped from the manufacturer to suppliers in the US, be assured the tires have been stored to ensure their integrity.

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