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My findings brought me to the realization that dating is a process which occupies a great deal of your emotions and tempts you physically so fast that you don't realize what hit you. The "game of dating" --especially if you're a Muslim-- inevitably spins out of control and becomes very hard to maintain.

The real challenge to your faith starts when the attention shifts away from the needs of your soul to the needs of your body and drains your efforts to increase your remembrance of God.

This tendency was coupled with concern for scrutinizing the matn (content) of the ḥadīth; Muʿtazilites rejected those ḥadīth whose matn contradicted what they considered to be correct doctrine and interpreted away those positing multiple meanings. His assumption was that there could be no agreement between all transmitters in fabricating a report.

There are several lost works whose surviving titles point to this sort of content, such as Thumāma b. Wāṣil’s acceptance of tawātur seems to have been inspired by the juridicial notion of witnesses as proof that an event did indeed take place.

From the legal theoretician's point of view, hadiths can be divided into mutawatir (transmitted via numerous chains of narrators) and ahad (anything that is not mutawatir). Daniel Brown notes that a group referred to as Ahl al-Kalam, who lived during the time of Al-Shafii also questioned the authenticity of the Hadith.

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I yearned for that one magical verse or explanation that makes everything clear.However the dating that is vogue in North America involves intimate relationship such as touching, kissing, petting, necking that ultimately results in pre-marital sex.