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28-May-2016 01:17

Shame, then, that James Blunt also gets dubbed the most hated man in pop. On paper, he's little more than a staggeringly successful, clean-living, middle-of-the-road singer-songwriter; a veritable angel, by the standards of his trade.

Other pop stars commit antisocial crimes, like Pete Doherty; brawl in public, like the Gallaghers; or kill animals on stage, like Ozzy Osborne, and we think they're charming.

" [ Sometimes, sending the right DM takes a group effort. to get his father impeached — well, that takes an entire late night segment!

Stephen Colbert and Seth Rogen sent the President's son private Twitter messages on Monday's in hopes of opening a dialogue about how his dad is destroying the planet. Video: Twitter Cannot Get Over Jared Kushner's Voice!

The DM-sesh started after Seth revealed he had sent his own DMs after finding out Junior followed him. Ch-ch-check out the clip (below) to see what they said to Junior! When Andy Cohen got the perpetually sweet-seeming star on his show, he just had to ask about Barbra Streisand and the Oscars — but the most fun question was about WEED! Andy brought up a rumor from four years ago about some pics of Anne smoking a huge blunt, then asked how big a stoner she was for real.

These messages grew increasingly more desperate when the businessman ignored the movie star's advances. A lot of people may not like Anne Hathaway, but they have to respect her courage!

Blunt strums a guitar, forgets to shave, and looks a little posh, and suddenly he's the most hated man in Britain. It's a strangely appropriate occasion, since you could argue that Blunt is a kind of pop equivalent to Beadle. But it's the way the two men's marketability clashes with their apparent unpopularity that makes them oddly similar.

Beadle's Daily Telegraph obituary noted sagely that he "achieved the paradoxical double distinction of being voted Britain's second most- hated man (after Saddam Hussein), and of being the most avidly watched presenter on television". James Hillier Blount, to quote the full name often employed by his sneering critics, has achieved huge commercial success.

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He's rich, famous, boasts a jet-set lifestyle and has the supermodel girlfriends to match. Esther Walker finds out It's pretty unfair, when you think about it, that so many people seem to harbour an irrational hatred of James Blunt.The real-life Jim Halpert is just as sweet when it comes to the woman he loves!