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12-Sep-2016 16:03

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Those were the early days of social networking and the measurements made sense. At the time, all I had posted was a meme of Jim Halpert. See, I was hoping to use the app kind of as an Instagram and Twitter hybrid. I really think there are two major reasons for this.Today, if I don’t find people I know in a matter of minutes, I’m over it. I was literally the first of my entire friend group to use the app and it sucked! As silly as it may be, my solution was simple, I added God as a friend. literally, I typed in the username “God” and there was a profile with thousands of other friends. Using the friends of friends side of the app I quickly spammed 50 or so people with friend requests. I use Instagram for all of the lifestyle or personal elements of life. Twitter is my tool for learning of the world and being my gateway to the rest of the digital landscape. Let’s be honest, we all know that today’s high school students despise Facebook because “Facebook is for moms.” They’re desperate for their own channels to gain access and understand the world around them on a deeper level.• Breakfast with Lions – On Saturday mornings, Zoo Boise's majestic golden lions come out to greet special breakfast guests.While you eat breakfast, you get to enjoy watching the lions play and engage in special enrichment activities.

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Could I actually become an early adopter of something new in tech? In the early days of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had this brilliant philosophy that users must absolutely be able to find their first 7 friends in 10 days, otherwise they considered that user to be churned. I was going through my usual Feedly articles and while on Hootsuite’s blog, the new social platform known simply as Peach came up.Curious, I immediately searched the tag on Twitter and found this app was raging across the web in a frenzy of confused and excited users.I quickly downloaded it to see what it was all about. Ironically, I manage a lot of social media and other digital channels, but I find it more of a hindrance in my own life than a benefit.

Particularly with Facebook, but that’s a completely different story.Please ask for the “ Nursing Conference Rate”..