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by Aaron Cunningham - June 16, 2017 The city of Derry has a great tradition of new music, with many talented artists going on to make a name for themselves.

The current crop certainly has a few vying for the title of next big thing. by Robert Brown - June 29, 2017 Name: Foldinglights Hometown: Newtownabbey Genre: Folk ◀ Q & A ▶ ▶ Tell us about your band name I have a strange mind and it is a pretty odd name so apologies if this still doesn’t make sense.

The cast and crew rub alcohol hand gel on their hands before touching them.

Wednesday went Transylvania 90210 with classics such as ‘, each played with true passion and an appetite to deliver an impressive stage show.

With a skull mask on the back of his head, Wednesday turned his back on his audience throughout the set and sang while the creepy mask blankly stared out into the crowd.

I don't know how else to put it but I'm feeling a bit **** atm and I just want to vent. In my teens I suffered with depression and low-self esteem.

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I had a somewhat bad relationship (which my parents never really knew about) and I had to deal with the aftermath of it more or less alone.

the trio certainly take the early comers by surprise with a barrage of rapid fire drums from Darren Pilkington, followed by a pummelling six-string bass line from Seamy Donnelly.