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18-Feb-2016 09:36

Here's my review for the medium case and it kind of explains why I bought this and why it gets 5 stars but the smaller case doesn't"I bought a Go Pro not so long ago and a few add-on's for it. So good in fact that if you check out my purchases I went back and bought the bigger case from the same manufacturer. However it really perfect for 1 Go Pro and a load of add-on's etc.No my grumble is the case manufacturer should have though about a bigger single Go Pro case from the start and they should find a way to take more representative picture. So 4 stars for the SP Medium Camera Storage Case not being well thought out."So now you know :-) great case for Go Pros ! No matter if you are filming with the Hero, Hero 2, 3 or Hero 4 cam, this SP box accommodates your camera. Features I ended up buying this *after* being disappointed with the medium size case. It's hard to complain about the case because the case quality was excellent. The POV Case 3.0 Large Go Pro-Edition gives your action-cam set a home. Whilst exhibiting the same protection and features of its smaller brother, the enlarged POV Case additionally provides space for the Suction Cup Mount as well as small tripods and telescope bars.

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