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All of this information can be found in our "Collection in Focus" feature.

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Bilingual multidisciplinary artist and singer-songwriter flirting with the blues and touches of cabaret.

This Edmontonian artist has been teaching writing, theatre, visual art, and music workshops in schools for over a decade.

But while we can still point to famous aesthetically mismatched partners (pudgy Trump and pulchritudinous Melania anyone?

), the mating patterns of the young now mean we are witnessing the death of the mixed-attractiveness couple.

Ariane Koek (Photo: Ariane Koek) Florian Fisch: Ms Koek, what is the purpose of your artists in residence at CERN?

Ariane Koek: The idea behind is literally to produce creative collisions between artists and scientists.

Terra in the 1970s and growing to this day, reflects the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the United States.In this week’s edition of the Art Tactic Podcast, Ariane Moser, COO of Artive, and Frank Morey, CEO of Virtus Risk Management, joins us to speak about the Art Due Diligence Group, a new due diligence service in which they both belong, designed for the art trade.First, Ariane and Frank explain the purpose of the group and why an art collector would be interested in their services.We deliberately smash the two worlds together to see what happens. Be it Einstein with the relativity of the observer or Heisenberg's uncertainty principle that changed our notion of subjectivity.

Cubism, the music of Iannis Xenakis or the writer James Joyce were inspired by this.

An inextricable part of our history and an active agent of our global mission, the collection includes nearly 800 paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, and sculptures spanning the colonial period to 1945.

Direct services and advocacy are provided by staff or volunteers or they are purchased in the community.… continue reading »

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